What need to do for win money in MyFreeCams

You are a model in MyFreeCams and you want to know how you can make more money, have more tips and more tokens in Myfreecams.

Then if you are a webcam performer read this mistakes that many Myfreecams Camgirls make.


1) Camgirls don’t talk to members or camgirls ignore her Chat Room

The communication is one of the most important part for to have a good performance.
It’s your communications with the users in your chat room and is very important put attention.
I have been some models just sit waiting for something to happen.
These girls don’t do anything!!
The most annoying camgirls models to watch are those that are busy texting on their phones or chatting on some Messenger or looking some other site/s.
These models completely ignore her chatrooms hoping that someone is going to tip she or take she into a private show.
Sometimes they get lucky but isn’t that normal it happened, then if you are not actively working your room, they reap what you show.
In fact, if you don’t do anything, then expect nothing.

So what should a model be doing? If you watch the top models, they are constantly talking to their audience. Sometimes it may be difficult because the audience doesn’t always talk back, but at the very least you should be actively talking. Some models welcome each member that enters their room.
This builds a personal experience for them.
The main point is to talk to the members and to pay attention to your chat room.

2) MyFreeCams Performers don’t understand what mean to be naked

What this implies is that many girls believe that if they begin naked, they’ll begin to get tips.
If this was real then all the models on Myfreecams would be efficiently getting tips all enough time.
There are models that are always nude and don’t get tokens.
Why? The purpose is because users want more than just to see a naked girl.
Read the point 1) above.
Naked is not as efficient unless you are discussing, interesting and developing your user’s experience (It is a good point for you can have more users that add you in them Friend List and too for them Rate and Admire you).
The factor here is that nudity whole time does not mean that you will receive a lot of tokens (tips)

3) The Girls don’t make good market themselves

I see too much cam girls performers in MyFreeCams that just sit and waiting for users come to her chat room.
These girls don’t carry out that there are many online tools online that can help bring them more members following her.

Some tools are:

a) Myfreecams Newsfeed
Use on Myfreecams site the Newsfeed.
Go to Newsfeed in MFC and Post something interesting (be creative).
There are users that have added you to their favourites without you even knowing it.
If you use the Newsfeed in Myfreecams then you are automatically letting them and others know about you and come to visit your chat room.

b) Twitter and Facebook
Create a camgirl performer account in Twitter and Facebook. Do you can create a separate account only for post updates about your work like adult video chat performer.
You can CONTACT US HERE or CONTACT US IN TWITTER and our Team can help you for create a Twitter account and too for to have much more followers. Too we can do it for your Facebook account.
Remember put a link to your Twitter in your MyFreeCam profile.

c) Your loyal member in MFC
You can ask to him for post your username in the Member Lounge Chat. Maybe he can post in his Twitter your MFC link or your Twitter link.

4) MyFreeCams Performers don’t understand the important is Camscore

Many camgirls in MFC don’t understand how much important is to have a higher Camscore.
What is Camscore?
Is a rating metric by which a camgirl model is measured on MyFreeCams for to place she on the home page (main or index page)
This means that is very important to have a higher Camscore rating for to be showed in the top of the site and to have more exposure and more users will go to your video chat room.
How is Camscore calculate is an MFC secret. But is re-calculated every 6 hours so so if u have login during that period.
The Camscore is based in a period of time the 60 days.
In another post, we’ll write more information about Camscore in MyFreeCams.
But the more important is that OUR TEAM can HELP YOU for to INCREASE YOUR CAMSCORE, then CONTACT US HERE or in one of our CONTACT US IN TWITTER ACCOUNTS

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